Your results suggest that you are mostly a Vata type!

Vatas usually have a very small or tall, slender physique and are mentally active, quick thinkers who can often be humorous and witty. Your physical appearance most likely matches the Ectomorph body type.

Vatas tend to have thinner skin, small piercing eyes and strong facial features.

They love being active and socialising, however their spontaneity can lead them to become forgetful.

When imbalanced, Vatas can get restless and forget to eat which can be detrimental to their digestive system. They can struggle with getting good quality sleep and easily experience anxiety and nervous tension. Signs of imbalanced Vata can also show up in excessive dryness of skin and lips, and stiff or cracking joints. 

Our tips for Vatas:

In Ayurveda, Vata is related to air qualities. Therefore, Vata types require grounding foods and experiences to balance their heady tendencies and bring them back into connection with their body. 

-Establish a regular routine of frequent meals and try to avoid skipping meals or intermittent fasting. We recommend at least 3 meals a day for your constitution, ensuring a minimum 3-hour break between each to ensure your digestion has time to do its job. 

– Try and stick to warm, soupy foods rather than dry or cold foods. This will balance the dryness in your constitution. 

-Try reading or relaxing before bed to help with sleep. We highly recommend regular self-massage with warming oils for muscles and joints.

– Relaxation is highly important for Vata. Take time for yourself, go slowly and get lots of rest.  

– Exercise in moderation and preferably choose slower, gentle activities such as yoga, pilates and light weight training. 

-Breathing techniques are great for Vata types as they will immediately calm the nervous system. 

-Try to avoid having too many stimulants such as caffeine or alcohol. Try soothing chamomile or lavender teas or our Vata Balancing Blend. 

We recommend taking our STABILISE blend! Perfect for keeping a VATA in balance.

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