Your results suggest that you are mostly a Kapha type!

Kapha’s are steady and reliable with a solid frame. Your physical appearance most likely matches the Endomorph body type.

At their healthiest, Kapha types are a joy as they tend to be balanced, patient and understanding. Unlike many, you have the ability to stay calm in most situations and favour regularity and routine as a life principle. However, there can also be a tendency toward overeating, insufficient exercise, and excessive sleep.

Kapha types like to hold onto things, which makes them incredibly loyal (Kapha’s make great friends!) but also prone to holding onto extra weight, water retention and sometimes illness and bacteria. 

Kapha types when out of balance can also suffer from conditions such as depression, obesity, and diabetes.

In Ayurveda, Kapha is related to earth qualities. Therefore, Kapha types require stimulating foods and experiences to balance their solid and sometimes stubborn nature. 

Our tips for Kaphas:

  • Exercise regularly to get yourself moving as this will hugely benefit your mental health. High intensity or competitive sports are great for your constitution.
  • Seek out stimulating company and resist the urge to hold onto people who don’t serve you.
  • Set an alarm to wake early and try to avoid oversleeping.
  • Keep your mind active by seeking out new activities and experiences
  • Try intermittent fasting with periods of abstinence of between 12-16 hours to help regulate your digestion and metabolise food more efficiently.
  • Try to avoid overeating as you are likely to hold onto any excess.
  • Use salt in moderation and avoid heavy or fatty foods.
  • Dry powder or oil massages are a great way to boost your metabolism. Try a self-massage before your daily shower.

Try our ENERGISE blend. Perfect for keeping a KAPHA in balance. 

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