Our organic neutralising blend packed with immunity boosting herbs and spices including fennel, cardamom, turmeric, wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina which are packed full of antioxidants to soothe digestion, lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and reduce inflammation throughout the body. 

Includes a calming blend of zinc and magnesium oxide used to regulate hormones and help fight anxiety, stress and frustration. 

Rich in organic cacao for a delicious comforting flavour.

Serving suggestion:
Blend in your favourite smoothie
Stir into warm milk (we recommend coconut milk for this blend)
Our favourite: Warm 200ml almond or coconut milk. Mix with 1-3 tsp and whip up together in a blender until foamy and delicious. Drink, relax and enjoy!
Recommended daily serving: 1-3 tsp to your liking


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Product Ingredients

Organic pea protein, organic cacao, organic coconut sugar, pumpkin protein, organic coriander, organic fennel, organic cardamom, organic turmeric, zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, organic flax seed protein, organic chia seed protein, spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorella