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for every body

FIX helps you understand your body to bring you optimal physical and mental health by providing a range of organic & vegan supplements. No faddy diets, no punishment, no nonsense.

Our aim is to help every individual FIX their mindset around nutrition,  health & wellness. 

We understand that every body is different and our nutritional needs vary according to not only our body type but also our lifestyle, goals, stress levels and sleep patterns. 

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Our organic stabilising blend packed with natural herbs and spices including chamomile, ginger and ashwagandha to reduce anxiety, regulate hormones and aid natural relaxing sleep.

Perfect for Sleep, stress and recovery.


Our organic neutralising blend packed with immunity boosting herbs and spices including fennel, cardamom and spirulina which are packed full of antioxidants to soothe digestion and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Perfect for inflammation, skin breakouts and muscle repair.


Our organic metabolism-boosting blend packed with natural herbs and spices including green tea, pepper, ginger and cacao to help give a natural energy lift, elevate mood, boost cognitive performance and metabolism.

Perfect for mood, lethargy and maintaining lean mass.

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